Parrot Shouts about Emailed NewslettersIn our travels round so many schools, one thing we hear more of as a problem is the vexing topic of the Newsletter. Whether it goes out weekly, monthly or termly, to the whole school community or just to one year group or class, it just adds time and often complexity to the running of the school communications. When in fact it ought to be clean and simple, the Newsletter has evolved to become a document of such force and content, it starts to make it a case of cannot see the wood for the trees! And if you are printing these documents, that can be a lot of paper!

That's why we introduced embedded Email Marketing to our website services. It actually ecourages your school to think about the really important topics and gives you scope to provide weblinks back to your school website for other information such as calendar dates, downloadable policies or blog news. It's so easy, we wonder why we didn't do it before!

Make the Newsletter Sing and Dance!

The service comes with half a dozen pre-installed templates which Tapiochre can modify to your school's style or, if you prefer, you can ask us to install one of the downloadable themes (they only cost a few pounds), so that your email newsletter is really exciting to look at when the email is opened. And it doesn't stop there.

Think of all of the other community members who might benefit from subscribing to your newsletters. With our new E-Marketing bundle, you can allow the broader base, including extended families, to request copies of your newsletter by using an on-page subscription form, on a chosen page of your website. This may not be possible with other services which only allow sending messages to contacts from your school SIMS or CMIS system, so with our package, the outside world can join in and share in your updates and you don't have to do a thing!

And it gets better!

When we set up your system with you, we import your SIMS or CMIS data to create whole school, year group and class based distribution lists. If you only need to send a news update to a defined list of recipients, you can do that really quickly.

So thinking about how you use your current service provider, it may be (it might not, of course!) that you can shave money off your annual service charges and simply use your website to do what are doing now, and more.

Ask us for a demonstration!



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