Starting Points...

Parrot likes MarketingWith over 20 years in industry we have learned how to embed successful. 'big business ideas' into everything we do, no matter how large your own business or educational setting may be.

We work with you to help you think ahead about how your school or business needs to change; it is a great way for us to model how marketing might help. To do that we actively listen to the problems that you have experienced, we talk with you about what you actually want to be and we discuss ways to apply logical answers to directly respond to your issues. 

Many of our answers will relate to better use of technology and organisations like yours like to know that there are a wealth of applications and tools that they can access which will help solve some of the communications problems that might exist.

That said, there are still thet good, traditional marketing methods that work really and many businesses and schools would be lost without them - we'll help with whatever you want to do!

Ok, we don't do phones and mobiles, but we do do web technology rather well.

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Translating Problems into Benefits for Schools and Businesses - 'IT works'.

Our job is to translate your 'business problems' into a number of 'business benefits' to help you to evolve in how you communicate with customers, suppliers and your own staff.

Schools and small businesses in particular often lack the marketing background needed to promote themselves and so Tapiochre have been on hand with ideas and experience to make things happen, quickly, effectively and on budget. Although the principles apply equally to high street businesses, our real passion in education, teaching and  learning, combined with our wish to share our expertise is where so many have benefited to date.

We have real experience of how a school runs (the boss was a Chair of Governors of a Primary School) and we appreciate the fact that schools have precious time to allocate to 'marketing' and often have very little in terms of funds. To respond to that we work with you to provide quick and easy ways to help you communicate, collaborate and grow your relationships with the stakeholders for your school or business.

What You can Do...

Why businesses do it..

Look at who your audience really is... To plan for the right types of information for each stakeholder by breaking them down into different gruops or categories. In schools, Parental Engagement is high on the agenda and understanding who they are and what they feel is vital to a school's success.
Run Parent/Governor/Staff/Pupil/Community/Customer Focus Group Sessions... To find out what each stakeholder group explicitly needs and to discover the common ground across the different groups.
Assess Focus Group feedback to realign the initial plans... To be sure that what the you actually deliver meets the expectation of the audience and ties in properly to the overall school or business development plan.
Consider breaking up the audience into more granular target groups...

To help focus clearly on the communication that each specific audience sector will need rather than taking a blunderbuss approach which often misses the target as it is too broad.

Promote 'Success Stories', which describe what is so good about this school or company... To help influence prospective parents/clients that 'this is a great school for my child - I would be happy for my child to be here' or 'this is a business that appeals to me'.
 Hold 'Open Day' events or Business Seminars... To show you mean business and can prove that you are able to deliver what you say. In a school, meeting with teachers and support staff and creating a setting where parents and staff can share ideas and opinions in a friendly and open environment is healthy marketing Also a great way to talk about and show 'what's new' and gather even more useful feedback. Likewise, a business seminar at a local hotel which communicates specifically about the topics raised in the Focus Group input is a sure way to gain traction.
Use the same modes of communication as your audience... To help forward thinking schools and businesses realise that no amount of pushing or shoving can force a parent or client to visit a website. But, if businesses and schools exploit the massive reach of Facebook or Twitter, then there is no need to push. A school or business Facebook page or Twitter feed can pull in followers who will see what is happening without having to go looking or asking.
Put more and more information on their websites... Because, as the audience move to smartphones, tablets and laptops, they become more at ease accessing online content and the website becomes a highly bookmarkable destination containing diary dates, downloadable forms, newsletters, termly curriculum information and many other aspects of useful content. In business, product catalogues, sales blogs and lively discussion arenas can make a difference in how the business is seen by its clients,
Create and use blogs extensively... Since blogs are a great and easy way  to keep your audience up to date on what's happening in school and business. The even better thing for schools is to gain feedback (moderated of course). This often starts with a select group of children but quickly develops into a community space where staff, children and parents all join in the conversation. In a commercial setting, blogs are about opinion, news updates and challenging the clients visitor to think about your comments in terms of buying your services or products.
 Employ Video... As schools are becoming au fait with video recording and editing techniques and they find it is a perfect way to show off the great teaching and learning practices. Embedding video into blogs and web pages as video galleries is just another way to communicate with the audience. Video Testimonial is equally powerful for business. What better way to prove you can do what you say by getting a customer to say it for you!



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