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Monday, 20 June 2016 09:38

New Offering - GoogleDrive Integration

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Adding files to a website isn't very difficult but when you have many users who are updating files on a regular basis within your school, it can be a complicated matter to ensure that the files which are shown on the website are not only the most up-to-date but are also valid.

GoogleDrive Integration from TapiochreMany schools use Google Drive; it is a free and easy to use storage platform for their files and folders and offers security processes to the user which helps them to structure and protect their information. We recently had a request from one of our schools to find out if it was possible to provide a link between the school’s existing Google Drive platform and their Joomla website. Essentially, they wanted to show the files in their Google Drive but through the medium of a public facing website. Clearly, this is not easy to do without some form of integration.

Our challenge was to not only find an appropriate component within the website to achieve this objective but also to ensure the security within the Google platform was not compromised.

Fortunately, the open source community had just the tools that we needed to achieve our aims. Having chosen the appropriate applications from the Joomla extensions database, we were able to link the website for the school so that it connected seamlessly and automatically to their Google Drive platform.

Now, whenever the school adds a new file or changes an existing file within any of the folders in their Google Drive environment, those changes are reflected almost immediately on the website.

The next stage was to implement a means to show specific content from selected Google Drive folders within chosen webpages for the school. It's a snip to create modules on the Joomla website engine to allow us to display Google Drive content from selected folders. The beauty of this approach is that if the Google Drive contains many files and folders which the school does not want to be displayed on the website, then the Joomla website can be configured to not display them anywhere, enhancing security but retaining accessibility for those files that are 'public'.

A further benefit of this approach is that if the need arises to give school management teams access to files which are otherwise secure within the Google Drive, rather than giving out the Google login details, senior management teams can be given a single (or individual) username and password which will give them access to the same information but via the school website.

In this way the senior management team can see the information from Google Drive which is secure but cannot add to it. This is ideal where nominated members of staff have control of the Google Drive and wish to allocate a view only approach to other members of staff.

Because Joomla can be configured in a very highly granular way in terms of user credentials, the website can be set up to show files from specific Google Drive folders to selected users but not to others.


We are delighted with this outcome - it is robust and looks really neat too! So, if this sounds interesting to you, give us a call on (07958) 726700 for a demonstration and discussion!

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