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Friday, 19 June 2015 10:14

Parrot needs your help!

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While we were developing our new website design, one consideration struck us. It was to do with how we wanted to be represented when people visited the website; how could we create something on the homepage which we could echo through the rest of the website which would be memorable and a little bit quirky.

We could of course have simply used a colour scheme which is transported across all pages but that is rather dull and doesn't reflect who we are as people and also, whenever it did a colour stick in your mind?

So we started toying with the idea, just as we did when we created our company name, something different. As a business, developing websites, our target customers are diverse, ranging from small businesses to charities and from infant schools to large secondary educational organisations. So no one style of photograph would fit and therefore we had to eliminate stock photography from our minds. We had to come up with something which would be so totally different that it would make people sit back for a second and maybe smirked themselves and think “Now then… what's going on here…”, and that is where our parrot came in. He or she has been in our image library sometime, rattling around in a cage quietly waiting to be let loose upon an unsuspecting web visitor. The appearance of this cheerful little character suited our purposes perfectly; like us, parrot is always cheerful, parrot has many different faces - all positive and creative, parrot doesn't reflect any one specific area or business and so can lend him or herself to any job and he is friendly and appealing. Parrott does a good job at echoing what others say to him just as we do when we built the website for you, echoing your thoughts and words and translating them into technical design. Parrott is eager to please and will fly away and leave you, no matter how harshly treat him or her.

Enough of the analogies! Parrot is here to stay but really needs a name! We have set up a simple competition on our Facebook page to see whether or not our friends and followers fancy coming up with a tag that we can associate with parrot… why not give it a try?

Over the coming months parrot might have more to say about his role in the business, flying around as he does from time to time - I wonder what his first post will look like?

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