Introduction to Articles & Documents (Group 2)

Introduction to Articles & Documents (Group 2)

The virtually all of the pages you see across your website are straightforward pages of text, sometimes supported by images, the occasional table and documents list and so on. These ‘pages’ are referred to as “Articles” and they are always found within the “Content” section of your Control Panel. This session will be divided into core sections to introduce you to accessing the control panel and then will show you how to work with Articles for text editing and styling (images are covered by a different session) and finally, working with Documents.

Section 1

  • Where to login to reach the control panel
  • How to log out

Section 2

  • Finding Articles
  • Adding new Articles (News Posts)
  • Choosing Categories
  • Editing Articles
  • The Save button choices
  • Using styles for bold, italics and headings
  • Copying and pasting from MS Word
  • Making pasted tables look neater
  • Looking at version control
  • Searching all articles for specific words
  • Publishing, unpublishing and deleting articles
  • Section Wrap up & Q&A

Section 3

This section is for administrators who frequently add and manage documents such as newsletters and policies on the website and covers:

  • Ensuring your files are ready to add
  • How folders (categories) are set up for your files
  • Uploading the files
  • Managing the folders and files
  • Moving files around in folders
    • Sorting files
    • Moving files to other folders
  • Cloning files to other folders
  • Setting schedules for when files appear/hide
  • Adding new versions rather than deleting and replacing

Note on Session Joining: The ZOOM session URL will be emailed to you a few days before the session date. When you join the ZOOM session, you will enter the Waiting Room and will see our logo until the session starts.

The session is only open to schools where an active support agreement is in place.

Event Information

Event Starts Thursday, 18th Mar, 2021 10:00 am
Event Ends Thursday, 18th Mar, 2021 12:00 pm
Session Max Capacity 8
Attendees Registered so far 3
Remaining Seats Available 5
Per Attendee Charge Part of Service Offering
Skill Level Needed Beginner
Prior Knowledge Needed No prior knowledge required
Delivery Location or Method Remote Zoom Session

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